Coroutines and Fibers. Why and When

所以什么时候各大语言的 coroutine 标准化工作可以结束

Efficient Minidumps 1 & 2

如何最经济的在 dump 中保存足够多的信息

lambda + shared_ptr = memory leak

Self-reference makes reference-count go weird.

Asynchronous and non-blocking IO
Blocking I/O, Nonblocking I/O, And Epoll
Async IO on Linux: select, poll, and epoll
I/O多路复用之 epoll 系统调用

I/O multiplexing and Epoll 快速入门;最后两篇比较水,内容基本前三篇都有覆盖

CppCon 2015: Edouard Alligand & Joel Falcou “Introducing brigand”

yet another TMP library

CppCon 2015: Joshua Gerrard “The dangers of C-style casts”


How to infix your code - Pascal Bormann - CppCon 2015

Let’s get fun

Practical Move Semantics - Titus Winters - CppCon 2015

Traits Go Mainstream - Leor Zolman - CppCon 2015

这个 talk 对于解释为什么会有 SFINAE 做的比较到位,推荐